Multiple Entry Visa - Multi-entry visa for 30 & 60 days can be applied throught our system Normal(2-3 days) and Express(same day). 96 Hours Express - Special Express service for 96 hours transit visa applications (same day). Visa Extensions - In-country extensions can be done for 30 days without exiting UAE.

About Us

AMH Tourism is a multi-service company, part of the AMH group, based in Dubai operating in a B2B model. AMH Tourism is a part of Aspin Holding LLC, a successful and grown organization which has a varied business interests/firms from real estate development to education, semi-government projects and consultancy, introducing new brands in various sectors such as food and beverages and agriculture.

We have a strong relationship with Dubai International Hotels (‘DIH’) and provide various services to our agents related to UAE in-bound visas of all types and Meet & Assist Ahlan services at Dubai Airport.

Our operations are headquartered in Dubai, along with our technology, systems and operations support. Our advantages and value add to our associates and agents in this business are manifold.

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